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Allison Knapp Wollam answers your questions. You can read her expanded experiences and philosophy by clicking here.

01 What is your philosophy?

I believe in healthy cities and environments and social justice. In this way we may walk a wholistic path to equality and harmony. I believe in fairness and partnerships, and that planning and creativity go together.
Art heals. Nature heals. Compassion heals.

02 What is your Mantra?

Be Present. Listen. Identify Common Ground. Expand Common Ground. Solve Problems and Issues Collaboratively. Learn and Modify. Praise. Include Others.
No Question is Stupid. No Idea is Bad. Repeat and Repeat.   
I see planning issues as a Venn Diagram; there is a tiny area where all circles share a common area. I work to make that common area larger. 

03 What is "Land Use" and why should I care?
Our place of business, homes, places of worship, favorite restaurants, museums, clubs, barbers, bicycle shops, transit hubs, airports, train stations, and health providers are all land uses. Everything built on the planet supports some type of land use. We have opinions and emotions about land use.

The results of land use decisions are heartfelt and often they affect our emotional wellbeing and livelihood. 

04 What kind of clients do you work with?
We work with governmental clients: Counties, Cities, Towns. We also work with various sizes and types of business and special districts, such as schools and day care entities, for-profit businesses and non-profits, attorneys, developers and individual homeowners, and homeowner associations.  

05 Why should I hire Knapp Consulting?

Because we'll get it done and relieve the stress on you, allowing you to focus on what you do well–your business, your family, your life. We have the experience, the team in place, and the business structure to get the job done, on time and within your budget.

06 Do you help homeowners and small business owners?
I provide reduced-rate as well as pro bono services to homeowners and small businesses faced with city-driven enforcement issues and those in need of permit processing assistance with planning and building departments. I know the language and processes of planning departments, building and fire departments, engineers, architects, and the building trades, all of which will affect your land use. 
I do the heavy lifting while you continue with your life.
I will:

  • Assist you in forming your thoughts and goals.

  • Represent you to the various city/county departments and commissions.

  • Represent you while you go about your life.


07 What do people say about your service?
I'll let them tell you. You can read more from satisfied clients by clicking here.




“to me, and hopefully also to you, the realization of how impossible it would have been for me to complete this task without you swooping down and rescuing me, is so painfully evident. It wasn't just the city; it was their combined efforts with my landlord and my insurance company that almost broke my spirit. When I sent up the bat signal, I was not ok, and I knew it. I am now, thanks only to the generous sharing of your fire and expertise. When I say it almost broke me, I'm not exaggerating. And when I say I'm ok, it's only because of you.”

–Michelle Polzine,Owner 20th Century Café, April 18, 2018

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(Why hire Allison Knapp Wollam Consulting?)

“To protect yourself and reach your goals. My architect first represented me and received a denial for my home addition. Had you not interceded I would not have received permission from the planning department to add onto my home.”

–Barbara Schauffhauser, Interior Designer, March 3, 2020

AKWC logo mark for Allison Knapp Wollam Consulting

“After a developer bought a historically significant home with plans to expand the building, neighbors and I were unsure how to navigate the complexities of the SF Planning Department and Code Enforcement in our quest to assure the construction stayed within the City mandated regulations and rules. We knew we required an expert and Allison came highly recommended. She was instrumental in helping us understand our options, craft a cogent response and ultimately reach a successful mutual resolution for all parties involved.”

 - Greg Tarbox, 3356-3360 Market Street, Marwood Asset Management, April 9, 2020

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