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Land use planning is complex and often controversial. An experienced team of top professionals in the field is needed to keep projects on time and on budget. Allison has a proven record of pulling the right team members onto the project, managing the team and the process to get the best results.

Knapp Consulting partners with other experienced and respected individuals to provide our clients with the highest quality services.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Award certificates given to Allison Knapp Wollam and Allison and team at ground-breaking ceremony


Knapp Consulting founded 1996


Since 1985, Allison Knapp Wollam has been managing complex and controversial projects from pre-entitlement to certificate of occupancy for private and public sector clients working within budgets. She is an expert in identifying common ground and building consensus among diverse groups with divergent interests resulting in buildable and award- winning projects. She has proven expertise in forming public and private partnerships, hands-on in-the-field project monitoring, problem-solving and implementation of solutions. She works under pressure as an extension to short-staffed departments evaluating and processing all types of planning applications, conducting environmental review and expeditiously drafting professional, thorough and legally defensible staff reports.


With over 35 years of experience, Allison and her team will get it done.

Allison Knapp Wollam head shot

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"Allison has been a great partner, she is thoughtful and thorough.  Her efforts helped ensure our success while meeting the requirements in effective and efficient ways that drew praise from external stakeholders. Allison’s knowledge of the process, key issues, stakeholders and how to keep things moving is incredibly valuable.  She has helped us stay on track and shift on thinking to create better and stronger projects."

- Michael Gerrity, President Phase 3 Real Estate Partners, Inc.



Michael Marangio of Marangio Biological Consulting conducts our biological field studies and reports.


Aaron Stessman, principal of CSS Environmental, provides specialized hazardous and toxic materials studies and mitigations.

Mark Crane and Carolyn Cole of Crane Transportation Group (CTG) provide detailed transportation analyses and mitigation measures.

Paul Miller and Mike Ratte of The RCH Group partners with Knapp Consulting to provide air quality, greenhouse gas, air toxics health risk assessments, and noise analyses. Paul is the Managing Principal of The RCH Group.

"Sometimes planning/environmental consultants can be introverted and slow-moving. Not Allison!

Typically a sub-consultant working for Allison, RCH Group focuses on highly technical physical science analyses (air quality health risk assessments, greenhouse gas emission estimates, and acoustic measurement/reports). Allison takes the initiative to make sure our RCH Technical Reports cover the key aspects required by environmental regulations (usually CEQA) and that the Technical Reports are written so they are understandable to City staff, Planning Commissions, and City Councils. Anything but introverted, Allison drives her project teams with her foot on the gas."

–Paul Miller, The RH Group, April 2020

Cover for CEQA Review of Gateway Blvd. Hotel, South San Francisco project
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