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Allison Knapp Wollam Consulting gives back to the community

Pro Bono Entitlement Services 
Giving back to her community, Allison provides pro bono entitlement services to small businesses and homeowners faced with city planning enforcement issues and actions; as an example 20th Century Café in San Francisco, Nightbird Restaurant, Joseph Eccles, and various other clients referred by George Corey, Attorney.

Allison provides instruction and coaching to individuals and groups, such as the Sierra Club, on communication, organizational and presentation skills necessary to be effectively heard before governing boards such as planning commissions, city councils, and various other regulatory bodies.

Osprey sculpture created by Allison Knapp Wollam and donated to Belmont House Hospice and Horizons

Charitable Donations
Integrating her lifelong passions and interests in art and the special needs community, Allison Knapp, an artist herself, donated her artwork, to Belmont House Hospice and Horizons Housing for developmentally disabled adults and their families, both in Belmont, CA. and Delancey Street Foundation in San Francisco, CA.  
Allison donates art equipment and materials to non-profit organizations and group homes for at-risk families, individuals and fostered children.  She also instructs the resident population in the use and maintenance of the equipment and tools.  

OSPREY–Sculpture by Allison Knapp donated to Delancy Street

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Allison sponsored the works of art created by the recipients of the service provided by Neighborhood Center of the Arts in Nevada City in venues in San Francisco, CA. Neighborhood Center of the Arts is an educational and service organization for the developmentally disabled. Knapp Consulting regularly donates time, food, and financing to homeless and at-risk individuals and families, directly and through programs. 


Knapp Consulting provides support and funding for firefighter fundraisers and to community-based news media.  

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