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"I have consulted with Allison for 26 years. My project types are varied, and often have complex issues. Allison brings to the table a depth of knowledge as well as creativity in facilitating project solutions. She keeps abreast of changing laws and responds quickly and thoroughly. Allison continues to provide skill, insight, and creativity to my design team. Her depth of knowledge on a myriad of regulatory issues enables me to successfully navigate the agency approval process for a wide range of project types. I highly recommend her for everything from permit processing to advanced strategic analysis."
 –Bruce Chan, Landscape Architect, Principal Land Planning Concepts, April 7, 2020
“We received a settlement offer from opposing counsel we are considering taking. . .I have no doubt your work on the expert front has played a significant role getting them down to where
they are now. . .”
–Austin Klar, Kirkland and Ellis LLP,  March 9, 2020
“. . .[opposing counsel] has accepted the settlement offer this morning.
It really is a great result and got there because of your efforts.
The report was well done and totally undercut what the other side was trying to argue.”
–Austin Klar, Kirkland and Ellis LLP,  March 11, 2020
"I have worked with Allison for 22-years while serving on the South San Francisco City Council. During this period, she oftentimes has been my go-to person.  Not only does she have the knowledge, but the hands-on work experience on issues I am seeking to better understand and resolve. I value her opinions both from a staff perspective and also when representing a client who has brought forward a project to Council for approval."
–Karyl Matsumoto, former Councilwoman and Mayor, City of South San Francisco, February 24, 2020
"In my role helping companies navigate growth, their workspace always comes up. While everyone thinks about seats relative to growth, few consider any restrictions on space like zoning or site expansion capabilities. In those cases, I always refer companies to work with a planner in order to maximize their space investments and optimize the time to bring space expansion needs online. I’ve known Allison for decades and she is always my top referral for projects in California."
–Bill Tarbox, Vice President Business Strategy, Data Science & Analytics at Oracle
"After a developer bought a historically significant home with plans to expand the building, neighbors and I were unsure how to navigate the complexities of the SF Planning Department and Code Enforcement in our quest to assure the construction stayed within the City mandated regulations and rules. We knew we required an expert and Allison came highly recommended. She was instrumental in helping us understand our options, craft a cogent response and ultimately reach a successful mutual resolution for all parties involved."
 - Greg Tarbox, 3356-3360 Market Street, Marwood Asset Management, April 9, 2020
"Sometime planning/environmental consultants can be introverted
and slow moving. Not Allison!
Typically, a sub-consultant working for Allison, RCH Group focuses on highly technical physical science analyses (air quality health risk assessments, greenhouse gas emission estimates and acoustic measurement/reports). Allison takes the initiative to make sure our RCH Technical Reports cover the key aspects required by environmental regulations (usually CEQA) and that the Technical Reports are written so they understandable to City staff, Planning Commissions and City Councils. Anything but introverted, Allison drives her project teams with her foot on the gas."
Paul Miller, The RH Group, April 2020

“Allison has been a great partner, she is thoughtful and thorough. Her efforts helped ensure our success while meeting the requirements in effective and efficient ways that drew praise from external stakeholders. Allison’s knowledge of the process, key issues, stakeholders and how to keep things moving is incredibly valuable. She has helped us stay on track and shift on thinking to create better and stronger projects.”
–Michael Gerrity, President, Phase 3 Real Estate Partners, Inc., March 18, 2020
"to me, and hopefully also to you, the realization of how impossible it would have been for me to complete this task without you swooping down and rescuing me, is so painfully evident. It wasn't just the city; it was their combined efforts with my landlord and my insurance company that almost broke my spirit. When I sent up the bat signal, I was not ok, and I knew it. I am now, thanks only to the generous sharing of your fire and expertise. When I say it almost broke me, I'm not exaggerating. And when I say I'm ok, it's only because of you."
–Michelle Polzine ,Owner 20th century Café, April 18, 2018
(Why hire Allison Knapp Wollam Consulting?) “To protect yourself and reach your goals. My architect first represented me and received a denial for my home addition. Had you not interceded I would not have received permission from the planning and building departments to add onto my home.”
–Barbara Schauffhauser, Interior Designer, March 3, 2020
“I’ve had a number of opportunities to work with Allison in the most complex and challenging environments. These included entitlement, environmental, cultural, and community-based issues.  In my experience working with consultants and advisors, there have been very few that compare to Allison’s highly qualified practices. She gets it—at every level and nuance.  She is responsive and anticipates problems and identifies solutions—a real asset to be sure.  Beyond this, Allison is invested in what she does. . . she cares about the level of professionalism and—importantly—the results!  Making Allison a part of your team is highly recommended by me.”Jack Myers, Founder, and CEO of Myers Development Company, July 28, 2020
“In the realms of land planning and associated regulatory, environmental review, and project entitlement processes, Allison’s expertise is second to none.  She is one of my most trusted colleagues within our industry.  She brings an unusually broad, fair-minded, and disciplined approach to real estate development projects with which she is involved.  She has worked on behalf of public agencies and, in other instances, she has advised private development interests (including our firm).  In addition to her work in planning, Allison has abundant experience with construction-phase administration and enforcement of environmental impact mitigation measures and other specific conditions that are imposed by project approvals.  In multiple jurisdictions throughout Northern California, she has knowledgeably and successfully managed complex and sometimes controversial projects.  While energetically and rigorously protecting the interests of her clients, she seeks and most often finds economically rational common ground, thereby achieving concordance amongst diverse groups with divergent interests as they relate to property development.” S. Shepherd Heery, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Brookwood Group, Inc., June 202
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