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​Belmont House Hospice was the first state licensed facility in California, winning six state and national awards.

Allison’s community outreach garnered support for the project and as a result there was no opposition to the project at the Planning Commission or the City Council public hearings. Moreover, the community held fundraisers and assisted in planting the hillside scented garden off the great room.

A locally significant historic structure that contained unsympathetic and unpermitted construction is renovated to provide a six-bed hospice in a home setting. The front elevation remains substantially unchanged through the renovation process while the rear elevation was considerably reworked to restore the building’s integrity and provide a “great room” and garden for the residents. The great room replaced T-1 11 siding, aluminum frame windows and a flat roof. Each resident has a private bedroom. A separate and private friends and family room is provided along with an office and a locked room for medical supply storage.


Services From Pre-Entitlement to

Certificate of Occupancy.


Redevelopment management services included processing the project entitlements, conducting public outreach, identifying and assembling the project team, identifying and securing the funding, the builder, and program manager, coordinating public donations and facilitating the state licensing. The project was categorically exempt from CEQA.

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