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‘Habitat Restoration and Monitoring Plan’

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

San Bruno Mountain County Park and Habitat Conservation Plan Area

Allison was a co-author of the ‘Habitat Restoration and Monitoring Plan’ (Forbert, McHuron, Knapp 2001) for privately owned property on the southern and eastern slopes of San Bruno Mountain. San Bruno Mountain is a designated resource conservation area, and the first designation thereto under the federal Endangered Species Act.   Our efforts with McHuron Geosciences and Forbert Biology resulted in successful habitat restoration and conveyance of approximately 70 acres of privately held land to the San Bruno Mountain County Park and Habitat Conservation Plan Area. Knapp Consulting partnered with Western Pacific Housing and orchestrated an Earth Day pre grading plant salvage work effort on the slopes of San Bruno Mountain.  Western Pacific Housing (now DR Horton) owned certain land abutting the San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan area.  The special species plants were conveyed to a nursery in Daly City, California and were eventually planted on San Bruno Mountain. Knapp Consulting, partnering with McHuron Geosciences and South San Francisco Fire Battalion Chief Richard Johnson, coordinated a multi-agency effort (United States Fish and Wildlife Service,  California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Department of Transportation, California Highway Patrol, San Francisco International Airport, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection,


Bay Area Air Quality Management District, San Mateo County Department of Recreation, cities of Daly City, Brisbane and South San Francisco staff,  local interested parties including San Bruno Mountain Watch and Friends of San Bruno Mountain, and biologists) setting the framework to use ‘Prescribed Burn’ on San Bruno Mountain.   A Prescribed Burn uses a “controlled fire” to eradicate exotic plants.  The exotic plants invade and succeed the native plants that provide the habitat to sustain the protected, threatened and endangered butterfly namely mission blue, callippee silverspot, and elfin and bay checkerspot.       Knapp Consulting orchestrated the successful effort to bring goats to San Bruno Mountain. On privately held lands, to eradicate invasive exotic plans in lieu of mechanical or chemical removal. Knapp Consulting orchestrated the preservation of an additional 26-acres of open space on the eastern slope of San Bruno Mountain.  The open space includes a 5,000-year-old Ohlone shell mound, critical habitat for endangered and threatened butterflies, existing wetlands and wetlands mitigation.    Knapp’s efforts included coordinating and leading field trips for the City Council and the Planning Commission to San Bruno Mountain.  Allison also facilitated negotiations with divergent groups thus reaching consensus to rezone and convey the land to the County of San Mateo for inclusion in San Bruno Mountain Habitat Conservation Plan Area open space.  

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